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04 Aug 2022

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20 Jun 2022

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30 Mar 2021

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11 Feb 2021

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27 Nov 2020

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29 Apr 2020

The Distracted Mind During a Crisis


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2020 Global Game Citizen

I wanted to share an honor I received last week in the midst of the chaos and joy of having our baby girl arrive.

The Game Awards (“Oscars” of video game industry) named me a 2020 Global Game Citizen for my work with Neuroscape and Akili Interactive, and presented a video honor during their awards show viewed by over 45 million people. 

It was challenging to film during the pandemic and I have since questioned the wisdom of rocking my COVID beard, but comments on YouTube made it worth it : ) 
– “This dude look like he walked outta ancient Greece”
– “Plato has nothing on this guy”